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Registration & Enrollment

Kindergarten Registration

Please register kindergartners through the link below.

  • When you have completed the registration for you child, please bring a certified birth certificate for that child to the school front office. We need to verify each one. We will also make sure that the information is complete and that all forms have been uploaded correctly.
  • Each form submitted will be time-stamped. Instead of using random selection, we will base track requests placement off of this time-stamp date.
  • We will not consider a track request until we see the birth certificate and ALL necessary forms have been submitted. It will be a first come, first-served basis.
Online Registration Link

CurrentĀ Students

At the beginning of each school year make sure to log into Skyward and go through the information update section for each of your students.

Skyward Login

Out of Area Students

If your child lives outside of Alpine School District, please contact Student Services to getĀ the proper forms and information to complete your out of area request.

Student Services