Welcome Back

Snow Springs Families,

Welcome back to another wonderful, fun-loving and educational year at Snow Springs. I am so incredibly proud of each aspect of Snow Springs. We have a thoughtful and engaged PTA, thank you for your service! We have children that make me smile each and every day, they are the motivation behind all that we do.  And our staff is simply irreplaceable. They are attentive to each child’s needs, and constantly seek self-improvement, and thus improvement for student achievement.

We kick off the 2018-19 school year with a new theme, “A Million Dreams For The World We’re Gonna Make”.  You may recognize the quote, I feel pretty confident that your children do.  So with the theme this year we will strive to improve the world around us. The goal is to help children with the following:

  • Recognize that they DO have an impact on the world around them.
  • Study others that have made a simple, and positive impact on persons around them.
  • Study what character skills are necessary to positively impact their world.
  • Serve and give to those outside themselves in an effort to change their world.

Each classroom will be paired with three other classrooms of varying grade levels.  We call these pairings “Dream Teams”.  It is within these Dream Teams that lessons on making a difference in your world will be taught and plans will be made to serve others.  As a team they will decide what they want to do as a team to make a difference in their world.

We are excited to focus our thoughts on the world around us.  As always, I invite you as a family to take this journey with us as well.

Here is to the best year yet!

Shelley Schroeder